After three months, football returns to Italy: but how much did we miss it? Here are all the news

ROME – After just over three months , football is back in Italy . The balloon rolls back on our fields while living with the coronavirus.

Come back at the right time since a little 'everything is back to normal (or almost …).

The streets, shopping malls and gyms are full again and therefore it is right to give the go-ahead also to the main entertainment of the Italians , the game of football.

Everyone is ready to sacrifice a large part of their week again following the favorite team but nothing is the same as before.

Meanwhile, it will be an anomalous football because it will be played in the summer. Then it will be a kick because there will be no fans at the stadium.

This ban should extend for several months but perhaps the public, at least in the "safest areas", will be able to return towards the end of the season .

The idea is to stagger the entrances as it already happens in various commercial activities.

The model could be that of the cinema with one spectator every 4-5 seats to guarantee the safety distance.

The football games are played outdoors and this could be a favorable point for the reopening of the facilities to the fans.

At least to subscribers to avoid many problems for companies in terms of refunds or renewals of subscriptions.

In any case , football in Italy is mainly followed from home. The numbers say it . Our stadiums are the least populated in Europe of football that matters.

You want for the excessive price of tickets , you want for traffic , you want for objective difficulties in finding parking .

So even before, it was played in a kind of closed doors . For all the fans who live on the favorite team from the sofa at home, this is a liberation.

Almost of a rebirth. In short, go ahead for domestic gatherings . Even if you shouldn't. Pizza, beer and game . Ice cold beer given the temperatures …

A sort of mini World Cup to share with close friends. From house to house, from TV to TV. This is football in the days of the coronavirus (for fans).

But for the players ? They will have to undergo a lot of restrictions. Teams and referees will have to enter the stadiums at different times.

The premises of the sports facilities must be sanitized and ventilated in a maniacal way. Then nothing will change on the pitch . Because in theory they all face healthy subjects. Check assiduously, swabs on swabs.

So on the field no safety distance , no ban on gatherings … In the penalty area our beloved scrum will return where a little is valid. The important thing is that that ball enters the net to unleash our joy on the sofa at home.

And the controversies ? All the fault of the referee , because he didn't use the var ?, it wasn't a penalty, the goal was scored offside … The players won't be able to protest on the pitch, this says the protocol. But who believes it ?!

While to all of us, how much have we missed these controversies ?! Soul of virtual bars and chat with colleagues …

Welcome back football !

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