Adil Rami, pink and video message on live TV to conquer Bianca Guaccero: “I’m in Nice, you are in Milan. We are not far away … “

MILAN – Bianca Guaccero was courted by the footballer Adil Rami on live TV.

Rami, who previously played for AC Milan , returned single after the end of his love affair with Pamela Anderson.

The footballer is located in Nice but managed to communicate with Guaccero thanks to the ex Big Brother Jonathan Kashanian.

During the live TV broadcast of "Detto Fatto" , a Rai broadcast, Rami sent a rose to Guaccero with the collaboration of Jonathan Kashanian .

Shortly thereafter, a video message recorded by the same footballer was broadcast.

The invitation is explicit.

“Hi Bianca, I'm in Nice.

Are you in Milan.

We are not far away … ".

Guaccero responded to the video message of her new suitor with some embarrassment.

“Rami and I don't know each other.

Some time ago he wrote me on Instagram to congratulate me and I thank him for this.

But there is nothing between us … ".

Immediately afterwards Jonathan Kashanian spoke, present in the studio as a guest.

"But Bianca, why don't you accept his invitation ?!

Adil Rami is a handsome boy, very physically strong.

He is also kind and nice, in my opinion it deserves an opportunity.

If I were you, I would go out there, what it costs you …

It is also sanitized … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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