Adil Rami broke up with Sochi, that’s why he left the team after just three months

SOCHI (RUSSIA) – Adil Rami has already broken up with Sochi.

The former AC Milan footballer left the Russian club due to problems with salary payments .

Rami endured for three months because he was feeling very well in the city ​​of Sochi but in the end he threw in the towel.

The former Milan defender is a professional footballer, he cannot play for free because football is a job for him .

Rami left Sochi reluctantly , a few days ago he had also participated in a charity initiative in the city for the elderly and the most needy.

“The Covid-19 crisis did not spare the Russian championship, suspended in early March until June 21st.

In this context, despite the numerous warnings of the player and his representatives, the PFC Sochi has decided to ignore them and escape all his commitments by showing maximum bad faith, "explained Jules Plancque prosecutor of the world champion defender with France and former central also of Milan to France Football.

His declarations are reported by

“Adil Rami, who has not received any compensation from the company to date, intends to remember that fundamental rights exist and that of health is one of them.

Today Rami is free from any commitment, with a desire still intact to continue his career ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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