Adani: “Allegri was rude, rude and even arrogant”

Adani: "Allegri è stato scortese, maleducato e anche arrogante"

Adani: "Allegri was rude, rude and even arrogant." Photo ANSA / ROBERTO BREGANI

MILAN – Two days after the dispute between Allegri and Adani on Sky Sport, the controversy is still alive for what has happened and both the technician and the columnist continue to talk about it. Allegri did it at Che Tempo che fa , on Rai 1, while Adani returned to the dispute with Radio Deejay. "Allegri? Surely it was rude, rude and even arrogant ": this is how the microphone of Radio Deejay Daniele Adani replies to the Juventus coach with whom he was the protagonist of a squabble on Saturday in the Inter-Juve post match.

Adani: "Allegri is wrong. I can talk even if I have not won championships "

"Above all – adds Adani – saying that I cannot speak because I have not won championships, it is disrespectful to everyone, even to those who pay for season tickets and fans. You can of course have different opinions, but you can't finish the conversation by taking off the microphone. " "When I look for a comparison, I try to put the person in a position to express themselves, to have a debate, to have an argument – continues Adani intervened by telephone during the transmission conducted by Linus and Nicola Savino Radio Deejay calls Italy – And I try to do it in utmost respect and in the right ways, trying to have an adversarial process adequately without servility, without smoothing anyone's hair.

I have my data, an analyst does not have to be a coach, but a coach must be a great analyst. I know who I have in front of me, in the case of Allegri the argument cannot be the draw with Inter, but we had to get back on the Champions League path. The interviewee must try to argue out of respect for those at home and listen. Surely the outburst is acceptable, but when you have such an important role you must know how to have a suitable topic ”. "He was very rude but God forbid we didn't greet him," concludes Adani.

Cheerful and tense nerves, there is no question of other people's work – Scudetto already sewn on the jersey, yet the Juventus final appears with tense nerves. The sparks on TV between the Juventus coach, who theorized the result before the good game, and the Sky Adani columnist, who has never spared criticism, however mediated, of the Juventus game, showed Allegri's fury, not new to tell the truth to piquant answers if attacked.

"I was angry yesterday, today I am calm", begins Allegri guest of Fabio Fazio at "Che tempo che fa" returning to yesterday's quarrel with Adani. "It is a question of respect for the work – explains Allegri referring to the bickering with the Sky columnist committed this evening in Turin-Lazio – after a normal game but I don't feel the need to hear the lecture every time. I got angry because I accept the criticism, I can like it or not, but going to discuss the work of others when they are not knowledgeable is not right. What then – says Allegri – last year the same thing happened with Inter, after the 2-3 of Higuain ”.

And in fact, last year, after the victory over Inter, the first live "clash" was staged, with Allegri's claim to overwhelm the former defender's ideas: "You make too much theory, football is simple ". An aspect that the Juventus coach has always highlighted, the simplicity against whom of schemes and theory lives, a contrast that in the post-matches of Inter-Juventus has exploded in all its virulence. After the allusions of Adani, who highlighted the great game of Ajax against Juventus in the Champions League, the reaction came: "Training – Allegri responded – does not mean making plans. Nowadays they are all theorists, I am a practical ".

Attacking then Adani, accused of "reading the books knowing nothing about football", but also of "never having trained": when Allegri silenced the commentator Sky, underlining "the six scudetti won", Adani's reaction exploded: "Shut up you tell your brother." An unpleasant episode, continued until Allegri left the connection, squirming in an angry mixed zone: "Now I command – he told the Juventus communication staff -, I don't talk to anyone anymore".

This evening, as a guest of Fabio Fazio, Allegri returned to the episode emphasizing his point of view. Difficult to imagine that his words can follow facts, given the obligations imposed by the Serie A League, just as thinking that Allegri's nervousness was caused by the imminent meeting with Agnelli to discuss the future: again from Fazio Allegri he announced "I remain at Juve, I still have a contract year. "

That Juventus does not play well, in relation to the potential available, is a fact, at least as much as the first commandment of being Juventus: winning is the only thing that matters. Even at the expense of the beautiful game.
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