Absurd in Frosinone, var takes 10 minutes to award the penalty. Match ends at 105 ′

Assurdo a Frosinone, var impiega 10 minuti per assegnare il rigore. Partita finisce al 103'

Absurd in Frosinone, var takes 10 minutes to award the penalty. Match ends at 103 ′. Photo ANSA / FEDERICO PROIETTI

FROSINONE – Absurd in Frosinone where the var took 10 minutes to assign a penalty to the hosts. This enormous delay caused the game to close at 105 ′, practically an extra time, with the local fans singing between the amused and the angry: “We go out at midnight, at midnight, we go out at midnight…”. The referee Manganiello has lost a lot of time to confront the var room through the silent check. This wait lasted incredibly ten minutes.

Frosinone-Parma, var gives rigor after ten minutes of waiting: it's record.

Another record for the Var. There were 15 minutes of recovery, of which 10 minutes only for the consultation of the slow motion on the sideline, to decide the Frosinone-Parma final. In 1994, in full recovery and with a score of 2-2, on a free kick by Ciano, there is a scrum in the ducal area with the charge of Gobbi on Paganini.

Net penalty but Manganiello must decide on the previous offside that even from TV images it is hard to verify. Minutes pass and the decision still does not arrive, with the Ciociare curve that in the meantime sings out loud "Let's finish at midnight". The final decision arrives at 103 ′, with Ciofani who eventually goes to the spot and transforms the penalty, after the consultation record. Thanks to this penalty goal, Frosinone won their first home win of the season.

The absurd article in Frosinone, var takes 10 minutes to assign the penalty. Match ends at 105 ' seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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