80 years Al Pacino, the famous speech in “Every cursed Sunday” VIDEO

NEW YORK (UNITED STATES) – Alfredo James Pacino, known by all as Al Pacino , turned 80 years old.

Al Pacino is considered among the best actors in the history of cinema and in 1993 he won a well-deserved Oscar after nine nominations.

His film career is really long and boasts masterpieces such as "The Godfather" and " Scent of a Woman – perfume of a woman" but in this article we will focus on "Every cursed Sunday".

Every Cursed Sunday , which is known abroad as Any Given Sunday , is a real cult film for American sportsmen .

In the United States, the most popular sports are football, basketball and baseball.

Basketball and baseball take to the pitch practically every day, the teams also play every 24 or 48 hours while Sunday is football day.

For this reason the film is called "Every cursed Sunday" because it talks about every aspect of that wonderful sport discipline, all American, which is football.

All the film has gone down in the history of sports filmography but what everyone still remembers is the speech by Al Pacino, who is a coach in the film, to motivate his team.

«In this team we massacre ourselves, and all those around us, for an inch.

We defend ourselves with our nails and teeth, for an inch.

Because we know that when we add up all those centimeters, the total will then make the difference between victory and defeat ».

The video from YouTube with the famous speech by Al Pacino on Every Cursed Sunday, or if you prefer Any Given Sunday.

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