70 years Superga, Belotti marks the names of the heroes of Grande Torino

70 anni Superga, Belotti scandisce i nomi degli eroi del Grande Torino

Urbano Cairo, president of Torino FC, in front of the graves of the players of Grande Torino during the commemoration on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Superga tragedy at the Monumental cemetery of Turin, 4 May 2019. Photo ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

TURIN – Long day as a tribute to the Grande Torino, 70 years after his death. First appointment in the morning at the monumental cemetery at the tombs of the 'Invincibles', with the blessing of the grenade chaplain, Don Riccardo Robella. In the afternoon, hundreds of fans attended mass in the Duomo. Seated in the cathedral choir the executives, the technical staff and the current team in full force, led by the president Cairo; to the sides of the altar also the relatives of the victims of 1949 and many very small players of the Toro youths.

Turin, team climbed to Superga for the commemoration of the Grande Torino.

Don Robella symbolized the Superga tragedy by breaking a vase and distributing the pieces. "Everyone must carry in their hearts a piece of that team that cannot be reborn, but can rise again. Everyone has the task of reassembling that vessel full of great values, remembering however that nobody is the exclusive bearer of memory, which must be shared ”.

The team then ascended to Superga for the commemoration, with the reading of the names of the 31 victims. Today's Turin captain Andrea Belotti has read aloud the names of those killed in the tragedy on May 4 70 years ago. In the terrible crash 31 people died including Grande Torino players, managers and technicians, journalists and crew. Thousands of Turin fans flocked to the ceremony on the hill overlooking the city.
Source Ansa.

Andrea Belotti marks the names of the players of Grande Torino. Videos from the "Redazione Il Nazionale" YouTube channel.

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