70 years ago the tragedy of Superga, the Grande Torino myth forever

70 anni fa la tragedia di Superga, il Grande Torino mito per sempre

70 years ago the tragedy of Superga, the Grande Torino myth forever. Photo ANSA

TURIN – Exactly seventy years have passed since that terrible crash in the clouds that on May 4, 1949 they had hidden the hill and the basilica of Superga , but for the fans grenade the emotion, the pain and the pride for the Grande Torino do not age . First of all there are always the "Invincibles". And every 'old grenade heart' is ready to remember that it is never a simple ritual.

70 years ago the Superga tragedy, today Torino has returned to fight for the Champions League.

The Taurus runs for Europe, he can still dream of the Champions League, so yesterday's derby had a value not only of the parochial, but above all concrete, as it hadn't happened for years.

The first date identified for the stracittadina of the Mole was precisely on May 4th, the elimination of Juve from the Champions League facilitated the advance to yesterday (Friday evening). "May 4 is an untouchable day – said Walter Mazzarri, the technician who brought Taurus back to Europe – not only for those who have a grenade faith, but for the whole of Italy".

It is the day of the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Superga: in the morning the commemoration at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin, with the blessing of the grenade chaplain, at 15.00 the solemn mass in the Cathedral, then the pilgrimage to Superga, and at 17 the names of the 31 victims of 1949. But the grenade celebration also involved other cities in Piedmont and multiplied the publication of books on 'Invincibles'.

For those who have lived the epic deeds of the Grande Torino and its terrible end, the emotion is always strong: "I will never forget that sad morning, with those frightening thunders that foreshadowed something bad – remember to ANSA Enrico Brocchetta , class '33 – then in the evening it became known that Turin was gone. What a huge pain! I was working in Via Roma as a window dresser, the day of the funeral I looked out of the window with dismay to see the funeral pass, that interminable truck parade with the players' coffins ".

Remembering the Bull of the Invincible renews the sorrow, but it also revives memories of simplicity and romanticism lost: “We went by bike to see the trainings at the Philadelphia and we were at the oratory to watch the games on the radio, since few had the devices in home. But there was a problem – smiles Brocchetta – at that time in Turin they were all granata fans, it was difficult to manage a challenge between us guys with those of Juve … ".

Twenty-seven years after Superga, the joy of the last championship, "del Toro di Pulici and Graziani, at the stadium with my son, he too became a huge fan, and with a family of friends". Now Brocchetta the Bull sees him "only on TV, even a little out of laziness – he admits – but this team is back to scare everyone". How should they always do – think the grenade hearts – the heirs of the Invincibles.

Gravina: "An invincible battleship of champions"

"70 years have passed but the memory of Grande Torino and all the victims of the Superga tragedy is still alive. These are the words of the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina on the 70th anniversary of the Superga tragedy in a tweet posted on the official FIGC profile.

"That grenade – recalls Gravina – was one of the strongest teams of all time, an invincible battleship formed by champions who also defended the blue jersey and made millions of Italians fall in love. He has made so many fans dream and many children who grew up in the myth of those players who have helped to revive the morale of the country after the difficult years of the war. Football – concludes No. 1 of the FIGC – is passion, myth and memory, three words that evoke the memory of that Greater Turin capable of transmitting emotions even today ".

Cairo: "Great Turin made football history".

"The memory of Grande Torino is still very much alive. This morning many grenade fans wanted to be here, at the Monumental Cemetery, to remember the fallen of Superga. Going to the tombs was very touching. At 70 from the tragedy the memory is still alive, they were not only champions who made the history of football, but they were also great men. The memory is alive for all the fans, not only for those from Turin ": so the president of Turin, Urbano Cairo, recalls the 70th anniversary of the Superga tragedy to Sky Sport.

Cairo also speaks of yesterday's derby with Juventus: "It was a really nice match, a pity we didn't win, but Cristiano Ronaldo made a great technical gesture. Turin exists, is alive, and does not feel the weight of certain races. This is a sign of growth, Mazzarri has transmitted something more ".
Source Ansa.

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