2026 Olympics, the mayor Sala: “In Milan opening ceremony” VIDEO

2026 Olympics, the mayor Sala: "In Milan opening ceremony"

2026 Olympics, the mayor Sala: "In Milan opening ceremony"

MILAN – Institutional summit at Coni. The mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala met the president of Coni Malagò, the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana, the Veneto president Luca Zaia and the mayor of Cortina, Giampietro Ghedini. On the table, of course, the common work for the Italian candidacy of Milan-Cortina at the next Winter Olympics of 2026.

These are the words of the mayor at the exit of the CON: "On where we will do the races we agree to 98%, there are the last details. We will start immediately with the works, I am very, very satisfied ". And again: "On the alpine disciplines, downhill and slalom we are already in agreement in finding a balance between Lombardy and Cortina. Cortina will be the main venue, obviously the ice will be in Milan. And I would assume that the opening ceremony will be in Milan ". Great agreement between the parties: "We are preparing for the meeting at the end of November at the Association of National Olympic Committees (NDI) in Tokyo, we will have to go to make a good impression to show that the big decisions have been taken and are already in act. We decided to make a bid for very low costs, unlike the other applications that fired several million. We want to be very content ".

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